Here I am talking about Meet Up - again. Okay, I'm kind of obsessed with that site..

I joined a girlfriends group where its just a group of girls that is looking for friends. Which is exactly what I need. I mean, I can talk to all my girls back at home, but it doesn't do much for me when they're back in California.

This group was going to go to Salem for the day for Halloween. I had heard Salem was pretty cool, but it's even better to go during October because a lot of people go and dress up. One of the points of me moving here across the country is to explore and see different things, not just stay in one city. So, when I saw this trip, I could not pass it up.
Screenshot 2016-06-05 17.49.45
I took the commuter rail to get to Salem, as did most of the other girls. It was a pretty ride to get to Salem. Once there, we all met up and walked around. We eventually ate at Tavern in the Square. Then, just wandered about the little town. There were SO many people dressed up. It was quite fun seeing everyone. We didn't do any haunted house tours or anything, but we went to the cemetery, and walked to the water front.
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By the end of the trip, there were only three of us left, so we went to the Witch's Dungeon Museum, which was actually pretty cool to go to. You get to watch a skit of a trial, then you get to go and explore the underground dungeons of what they had looked like. It was really interesting to see.
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I learned that the original site of where the gallows/hangings was covered up by the Walgreens that is now there. I thought that was kind of lame because its an important part of American history, but I could also see it as maybe they're ashamed of it since they were pretty much killing innocent people that were not even witches.

I want to go back to Salem in the off months. I heard that a good time to go is in the spring. So, I will definitely be making another trip back out that way. If you get a chance to go explore it, I highly recommend it!