For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram [you should be... @brimrinehart], I am participating in a photo a day challenge out on by the writer of Fat Mum Slim. Earlier this week, the challenge was to share a mistake. You can interpret the challenge in any way you like. Well, I didn't really make any mistakes that day, is I had a bit of a challenge thinking of what I could show was a mistake. Well, my first school picture ever was for preschool. Apparently, I was a little camera shy, because I have a weird look on my face and my body is kind of leaning back because I put my arm behind me and was reaching down. Worst school picture of my career. Needless to say, my mom made me retake school pictures when they came back in the year.

This is the image that popped in my head as a mistake. Oh, how I wish I never posed that way and oh, how I wish it never existed. But, I apparently don't care that much because it's on one social media site already. And now, it'll be on another, since I'll be sharing it with all of you as my throwback Thursday picture!


See why this is a mistake!? Haha.

Do you have an embarrassing throwback picture?