Shake Shack

I have been in Boston for nearly 4 years and have barely made it to Shake Shack. I know, I know what was I thinking for waiting so long to go? I have no idea, to be honest. 

Deluxe Town Diner

After many suggestions over the years, I have finally made it to Deluxe Town Diner! Why haven't I gone before now? Well, I never wanted to venture to Watertown by myself. I finally had someone to go with and am oh so glad I finally made it. You'll want to go before 11:30 AM if you don't want to wait long for a spot. 

Buttermilk + Bourbon

Buttermilk + Bourbon is a Southern style tapas restaurant. The intent is to share your plate with your group, which is a great idea if you want to try a little bit of everything and don't mind sharing with your friends / family! 

Wit's End

he brunch at Wit's End is fun - their food and drinks are named after famous singers or songs. I ordered the "Beyonce" which is prosecco, grapefruit and orange juice. After going back and forth on what I wanted to order, I decided to try the Let's Go Surfin' (& Turfin').

CLU Class of 2018

Recently, my little sister graduated from college and "officially" became an adult. I had the honor of taking graduation pictures of her while I was visiting. Her boyfriend also graduated, so I was able to take a few pictures of them together.

A Guide to Traveling Solo

I've done quite a bit of solo travel. It was a bit scary at first, going someplace new without knowing anyone. But once I decided to do it and go on an adventure for myself, I realized traveling solo was not that bad. I have traveled domestically and abroad on my own and have figured out a few things to throw caution to the wind and go on a solo adventure.

Pour House

I was very excited to try Pour House. It's a divey bar in Back Bay - but the food is phenomenal. The place was packed and we had to find our own table. Luckily we found a little two seater in the back of the room.

Daisy Dukes

My friend and I were looking for a bit to eat close to where we were staying. We discovered Daisy Dukes, so decided to eat there. Breakfast is served all day - which is a major plus.

Oh, New Orleans!

New Orleans {aka NOLA} is unlike any city I have ever been to. I don't even know how to describe it, but it's not what I thought it would be like. Don't get me wrong - I had a great time and really liked the city. I mainly spent time in the French Quarter and I basically said: "OH MY GOODNESS EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE" a gazillion times. I was obsessed with the architecture.

Court of the Two Sisters

When you're visiting New Orleans, be sure to visit Court of the Two Sisters for brunch! The Court of the Two Sisters is a famous brunch spot.

Fearless: Photography

Let's see, it's been a minute since I've created a fearless post. And do I have some news for you!

I have been working on an announcement over the past couple of months that I released earlier in March.

Christopher's 2.0

For St. Patrick's Day, I met a couple of friends at Christopher's for brunch. I have been to Christopher's before. I was excited to head back. Their brunch menu on Saturday is smaller than their Sunday brunch menu.

Sun in my Belly

2161 College Ave NE | Atlanta, Georgia | Menu

I know I was only in Atlanta for a weekend, but Sun in my Belly was my favorite brunch spot. The space is cute. The tables are close together, so you get a little cozy with your neighbors, but everyone is friendly and it doesn't seem weird. My friend and I chose to come here solely on the fact that they have lavender biscuits. Yes, lavender biscuits!

A {Not Your Avg} Foodie Guide to Ireland

While in Ireland, I pushed myself to try things I normally wouldn't have in America. I was adventurous to an extent. I discovered that I loved seafood chowder. Each restaurant made it differently, but it was still delicious all the same. 

Highland Bakery

While in Atlanta, I went to brunch because what is life without brunch - right?

After looking at different restaurants, we decided to try Highland Bakery. It was a popular place - it was busy the whole time we were there. There were a lot of delicious-looking items on the menu. The one thing I kept on looking at was the peanut butter french toast. It sounded really good, so I decided to order it. My friends both ordered the cilantro corn pancakes.

Bri RinehartComment

Shaking Crab

140 Boylston Street | Boston, Massachusetts 02116 | Menu

If you want to try a cajun seafood boil, you need to head to Shaking Crab ASAP. The Shaking Crab recently opened a spot near the Commons. My co-worker has been telling me about this place ever since she found out it was opening. We finally headed there after work one day and let me tell you - it did not disappoint.

Bri RinehartComment

Wandering Ireland

Today, I'm sharing a few of my favorite images that I took in Ireland and have not been shown on my blog posts yet.

Take a few moments out of your day and escape to Ireland...

Wandering Ireland

Earls Kitchen + Bar

800 Boylston Street | Boston, Massachusetts | Menu

Did you know on the weekends {and holidays!} Earls serves a happy hour brunch for a few hours of their service? All food items are $8 each. What a deal - right? A few of my friends headed to Earls at the Prudential Center to indulge in their happy hour brunch. 

Earls Kitchen + Bar

Introducing Molly

My parents adopted a new puppy last month from the SPCA. While I was home, my dad asked if I could take a few pictures of him and the new fur baby.

Hong Kong

481 E 7th Street | Hanford, California 93230 | Menu

If you want some really great Chinese food, you should pop in to Hong Kong. For all the Boston locals, I'm not talking about the Hong Kong here - I'm talking about Hong Kong in Hanford, California.