California born + raised.

Massachusetts living.



Bri Rinehart

Blogs, social media - they're all a snippet of our lives. We show what we want the world to know about us.

Welcome to the snippets of my life.

I was born + raised in Hanford, California.
I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Art with a Studio Art emphasis. My senior thesis was a series of paintings where I painted my feelings to twenty different songs that inspired me. Yeah, I had a pretty cool thesis.
I moved 3,092 miles to Boston, Massachusetts in 2014. I knew no one but quickly found my way.
I'm a marketing professional with a passion for social media.
I've been blogging on and off since 2012 but really began to focus on blogging in 2014. This blog has come a long way since then. When I began to focus on blogging, I did it as a means to keep family and friends updated. Now, I've grown a following and discovered what content works well. You can see what you'll find on my blog below!
I'm an adventurer, { not your avg. } foodie, mini fashionista, marketing professional + social media / content specialist.
My side hustle: photography. Take a look at my portfolio here.


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