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👶🏻: Hanford, California
✈️: Boston, Massachusetts
📍: Hanford, California

📷 photographer.
👩🏻‍🎨 creative.
🛄 adventurer.

owner / creative director.

the bri creative.
your story, captured.

bri rinehart; the bri creative

I was born + raised in Hanford, California. I moved to Fresno to attend Fresno Pacific University. After graduating, I moved back to Hanford. Four years later, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts. I had never been to Boston. I didn’t even know anyone that lived in Boston. I just decided to move there and see what life on the east coast was all about. Turned out, I loved it. I lived there for four years before the brutal winters had me packing my bags to return to the sunshine in California.

When I’m not creating, I am going on adventures, listening to records, and hanging out with my friends.

the bri creative

In 2019, I launched my own photography business, the bri creative.
My photography specialization is in portrait, brand + events.

Although I am based in California, I am willing to travel - as it is one of my goals to be a traveling photographer.

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