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👶🏻: Hanford, California
✈️: Boston, Massachusetts
📍: Hanford, California

Fresno Pacific University
🎨 Bachelor’s degree in Art with a Studio Art emphasis
📱 Social Media Marketing Certificate

8 years photography
4 years marketing
8 years blogging


I’m Bri! I was born + raised in Hanford, California and attended college at Fresno Pacific University. After graduating, I moved back to Hanford. In 2014, I moved 3,092 miles to Boston, Massachusetts. {Fun fact: I had never been to Boston before moving. I also didn’t know anyone… I just decided to move..}. After 4 years on the east coast, I moved back to California.

In 2019, I created the bri creative to help people with their creative needs. I specialize in photography, social media and designs. I’m always creating, so why not turn my passions into a business?

Photography has been a long-standing passion of mine. I have always documented anything + everything with a camera. I used to have a “kids film camera,” then upgraded to disposable cameras then point-and-shoots then DSLR. I am a portrait photographer. I love capturing the beauty the world has to offer. Everyone has their view of the world, and I’m sharing the beautiful things I find along the way in this crazy thing we call life. My goal one day is to be a photographer + travel the world.

I’ll admit it; I have the travel bug. I have a long list of places I want to travel to-- not only domestically, but internationally.  When I travel, I love to do a mixture of touristy and local culture. That way I can cover interesting topics for my audience. I like to try things I normally wouldn’t try at home, which is a huge thing for me. Little by little, I’m checking places off of my list.

When I’m not creating or going on adventures, I’m often listening to records, and hanging out with my friends.


bri rinehart; the bri creative

bri rinehart; the bri creative

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